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RAMPTECH® Safety Wand w/ Removable Cone

Sage P/N 256002


LED SafetyWand 1

Powerful illumination, versatile design.
Serious durability.

Built for the airport. Built to last.

Safety, in all kinds of weather conditions, is among the most important demands on the ramp. The RAMPTECH® LED Safety Wand features 7 super-bright LEDs to create a 56 lumen 5 mm output with the added benefit of a polycarbonate optical reflector. Plus, the magenta safety cone has an anodized aluminum ring to resist corrosion and also assure a strong hold even under the most rigorous use.

Powered by two D-cell batteries, the versatile RAMPTECH® LED Safety Wand can be used with or without the screw-off safety cone. There’s also a soft push-button momentary on/off switch. The anti-skid design adds to the quality craftsmanship while unrivaled durability is provided by water/weather-resistant engineering along with an extra rugged shock-resistant ABS and aircraft grade hardened aluminum case.

The RAMPTECH® LED Safety Wand is designed for the rigorous GSE environment but can be used by the everyday consumer. The RAMPTECH® LED Flashlight build on the experience in craftsmanship, engineering, and advanced technology evident in all RAMPTECH® products.

RAMPTECH® LED Safety Wand – Anodized aluminum ring for a stronger hold

RAMPTECH® LED Flashlight – 7 powerful LEDs for a bright lumen output


  • LED SafetyWand 3Water/Weather resistant and anti-skidding
  • 7 Powerful LED bulbs creating a 56 lumen 5 mm output with a polycarbonate optical reflector
  • Magenta safety cone screws on/off with a machined aluminum ring for a stronger hold
  • Anodized for corrosion resistance and durability
  • Rugged shock resistant ABS and aircraft grade- hardened aluminum case
  • Soft push button momentary on/off switch
  • Powered by two (2) D-Cell alkaline batteries (not included)

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