A smarter way to mind your business.

Save time, save money. With supply chain management from Sage Parts, you can outsource all or any portion of the procurement and inventory control of replacement parts for automotive, aviation ground support, and facilities equipment, and many other needs. Sage Parts is the foremost provider of outsourced program management of GSE parts. So whether you’re an airline, a package handling company, a maintenance company or any other kind of business in the aviation industry, there’s less you have to concern yourself with. For example, less paperwork. Fewer headaches in dealing with many different parts suppliers. And no more guesswork about which parts to order and when to order them.

We’ll sweat the small stuff. And the big stuff too.

The extensive range of parts-related services offered through the Sage Parts supply chain management program can help your business operate more productively and more cost-effectively – because we take care of the details, large and small. You’ll put your mind at ease, knowing we’ll ensure that your GSE fleet has the parts it requires to maximize performance and minimize downtime.

Unmatched GSE parts resources, at your disposal.

Sage Parts is the world’s leading supplier of replacement parts and solutions for aviation ground support equipment. No other company knows GSE parts like we do, and no company can deliver the superior level of supply chain management skills and services that we can. Nearly all major airlines throughout the world, depend on our resources every day.

Among those resources are:

  • Millions of GSE replacement parts, including the world’s largest on-hand inventory.

  • Ability to cross-reference parts instantly with our comprehensive, up-to-the-minute databases.

  • Unrivaled distribution capabilities, with an extensive network of onsite airport warehouse locations. The part you need, even an out-of-production part, is always close to where you do business.

  • Vastly experienced people who not only know every nuance of every GSE part from every manufacturer, they can also recommend the right OEM replacement parts or upgrades for any GSE repair you have; what’s more, they can advise you about how to install it.

We do what we do best. You do what you do, better.

It’s the perfect complement of skills and objectives. Your highly skilled maintenance personnel concentrate on repairs to ensure that your GSE remains up and running. We make certain you always have the parts to do so. Here are some of the many benefits that supply chain management from Sage Parts will bring to your GSE operation:


  • Streamline the GSE parts procurement process and reduce purchasing transactions, significantly minimizing, and simplifying your administrative procedures.

  •  Consolidate parts ordering to reduce your shipments, substantially lowering your freight costs.

  • Decrease the number of “11th hour” emergency shipments, slashing freight costs even further.

  • Consolidate and make sense of often-confusing dissimilar product specifications.

  • Evaluate and recommend alternative GSE and automotive parts that are just as performance-effective, yet much lower in unit cost and/or total cost of ownership.

  • Reduce your investment in inventory.

  • Improve service levels and GSE maintenance efficiency by ensuring that the parts are always readily available when you need them.

  • Decrease, and in most instances eliminate, expensive GSE out-of-service time caused by waiting for replacement parts.

  • Eliminate costly inventory buildup of slow and obsolete components.

  • Focus highly skilled maintenance personnel on repairs, rather than parts procurement.

An entire program of services, optimized for your GSE needs.

We call it GSE parts supply chain optimization. You’ll call it a smoother, more efficient and more profitable way to run your business.

Through Sage Parts supply chain management services, our total support for your GSE operation can include any or all of the following:

Onsite customer parts supply

We operate the GSE parts stockroom(s) for your maintenance operation…on location, at your site. Our highly trained personnel manage a “parts counter” where mechanics request and receive the parts needed to perform a given maintenance task. We take responsibility for acquisition of GSE replacement parts and for keeping them readily available. Your savings in handling, freight and parts/brand standardization can be dramatic.

Inventory ownership

As you know, inventories are expensive to carry and maintain. In fact, the soft costs associated with an inventory can average more than 25% of the value of the inventory itself. With inventory ownership, Sage Parts can greatly reduce expenses related to capital costs or finance charges, along with reducing service costs (insurance, inventory control, taxes), storage costs (warehousing, equipment, handling), and obsolescence/damage/shrinkage costs.

Vendor managed inventory

Sage Parts will manage your GSE parts inventory for you, reducing the capital investment and carrying cost of your inventory while also minimizing the risk of obsolescence and the expensive possibility of excess inventories.

Parts procurement

Utilizing our buying strength and the superior GSE replacement parts knowledge of our people, Sage Parts will handle the procurement of parts specific to the needs of your ground support operation. Our strategic partners and contacts throughout the parts and aviation industries assure you the best possible prices and the fastest order turnarounds.

Electronic commerce

eSage, our web-based ordering and management tool, is a key component in supply chain management from Sage Parts. eSage technology enables you to access our vast parts databases and ordering processes 24/7 via the web. Featuring a user-friendly interface that connects to our customers’ existing procurement systems or marketplaces such as Ariba and SAP, eSage saves you time by providing information about inventory, pricing, warranty flagging, and order status at the click of a mouse. In addition, you can view images of parts, download technical data and specifications, order non-stocked or non-cataloged parts, track deliveries, review your ordering and invoice history, access management reports, and much more.

Process control, design and implementation.

The Sage Parts portfolio of supply chain management services offers you intelligent ways to monitor, measure and enhance service level performance. We review your current processes, create new ones where needed based on our many years of GSE parts experience, and implement better approaches. Among the areas we concentrate on are fill rate improvements, open order status, closed order and invoice status, inventory-based information, pricing, and other processes that are essential to the profitability and overall success of your GSE operation.

Storeroom Organization/ Remote Management

Sage Parts will send its experienced parts personnel into your storeroom, assess your current parts situation and provide a recommendation on storeroom re-organization. The report/services can include a physical inventory, inventory valuation, identification of parts on hand that your storeroom no longer needs, recommended stocking levels for parts to match the equipment fleet at the station, suggested staffing levels, and an assessment of current ordering procedures. This program can be followed up with an ongoing maintenance program, where Sage Parts provides a semi-annual visit and review. This is a great way to leverage Sage Parts GSE parts expertise, particularly at smaller or remote storerooms.